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Our Production Facility

Throughout our history, we've focused on creating high-quality products for the everyday needs of our consumers, while maintaining excellent health and safety conditions for all our employees and adopting socially responsible practices and environmentally friendly production methods. Our growing activity and our vision to always offer brands that people love and trust lead us in enhancing continuously our production operations.


Our production plants in Greece, Poland and Ukraine manufacture the largest part of our products and they all operate under the strictest quality and safety criteria. Through International Standards on Quality, Energy and Good Manufacturing Practices, we guarantee the highest quality of our products and embed environmentally friendly methods in our production operations.

Our commitments in the production area

In the area of production, adopting sustainable development practices is a key component of our strategy within the supply chain. The efficient use of energy and natural resources, the use of renewable energy resources, the mitigation of waste production and their rational management, the manufacturing of more environmentally friendly products have been and still remain our commitments vis-à-vis the environmental challenges.

Sharing the Group’s operational mentality, we are committed as well in applying the most updated technologies for safety and environmental protection, strictly following all relevant Ukrainian and European regulations. As part of the Group we share the same mindset and commitments, specifically in our production plant at Kaniv.

Offering loved and trusted brands is our vision, a vision which partially comes into life in the Group’s production plants.

Our plant, as one of the four operating productions facilities of the Group, constantly invests in upgrading our facilities and equipment, but also in managing energy resources more efficiently and in developing our employees to constantly upgrade their skills and know-how, in order to fulfil their potential.

Our engineers and plant technicians work together to design and utilize the latest technology to allow our manufacturing plants to produce the highest quality products.

The main mission of our manufacturing teams is to provide the business divisions with high-quality products within the required timelines and under the best possible conditions of safety.

Ergopack’s Production plant in Ukraine (Kaniv)

Quality is the foundation behind our product development process and drives our vision. We maintain high quality standards, while quality controls and high hygiene standards are applied to all the stages of a product's life in our production plant at Kaniv, from the collection of raw material to packaging. This way, we ensure that every new product meets the most demanding quality criteria and answers the needs of our customers before its journey begin. We take all possible protective measures through all necessary quality controls on the produced and marketed products, in order to ensure health and safety for our consumers.

We have the technical accreditations and capabilities to produce safe and compliant products that will exceed your expectation and fulfill your needs.

We are striving not only to comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, but also to take additional measures necessary to reduce risks in these areas. Therefore, the Company has been systematically working to lower the level of accidents and injuries, reduce the impact on the environment.

Moreover, we use and develop production technologies with care for the environment and personnel, while have developed and implemented an Integrated Management System for Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety and the Environment based on the best world practices.


View Ergopack’s Certificates below or discover all the Group’s certificates in detail


ISO 9001
Quality Management Systems-Requirements
ERGOPACK UKRAINE Development, Manufacture and Supply of Household Disposable Goods PDF
ISO 14001
Environmental management systems-Requirements with guidance for use
ERGOPACK UKRAINE Development, Manufacture and Supply of Household Disposable Goods PDF
ISO 45001 
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems-Requirements
ERGOPACK UKRAINE Development, Manufacture and Supply of Household Disposable Goods PDF

Distribution Network

Key to our leading position as a supplier of consumer products is our extensive distribution network across our territory.

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